8K Mirror Panel Has Higher Recycling Value After Long-term Use

July 30, 2021

The 8K mirror panel, also known as the 8K panel in the slang, is also called the mirror panel. The surface of the stainless steel plate is polished by polishing equipment with abrasive liquid to make the surface brightness as clear as a mirror. Explanation: After the stainless steel raw materials are ground and polished, the surface is smooth and mirror-glossy. There are 2B, BA, ordinary surface, 8K surface, 8K surface is the best. The mirror panel can also be color-plated, and the color-plated stainless steel plate It can also be called color stainless steel plate.


The scope of application of 8K mirror panel: star-rated hotels, large shopping malls, rich clubs, colorful bars, luxurious KTVs, clothing display cabinets and other luxurious decorations. It can be used for decoration of hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator car panels, car box panels, architectural decoration, signboards, etc. Color stainless steel panels are generally used to decorate walls.


The widespread use of 8K mirror panels in the consumer market has become a trend, because its appearance performance is much longer than that of coated mild steel, and it has a higher recycling value after long-term use, and its life cycle cost is low. The cost-effectiveness is obvious. Using PVD vacuum ion coating technology to color, the life of the resulting colored surface is almost as long as the life of basic stainless steel. It not only gives full play to the advantages of stainless steel, but also adds interest to people’s lives with its beautiful appearance. The 8K mirror panel has become A beautiful cluster in the stainless steel series; 8K mirror panels include black titanium mirror panels, Japanese gold mirror panels, rose gold mirror panels, titanium mirror panels, sapphire blue mirror panels, brown mirror panels, brown mirror panels, and purple mirror panels. , Bronze Mirror Panel, Green Bronze Mirror Panel, Champagne Gold Mirror Panel, Purple Mirror Panel, Burgundy Mirror Panel, Titanium White Mirror Panel, Emerald Mirror Panel, Black Rose Mirror Panel, Colorful Mirror Panel, Green Mirror Panel, etc.